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Sogecable loses forty thousand subscribers in three months

The campaign of migration of users of analogical Canal+ follows its course and they are already 99,000 those that have happened to Digital+, but during this trimester 16,000 subscribers have decided to leave Canal+ definitively

On the other hand Digital+ is only saved by the new incorporations that come from analogical Canal+, without having them in account the losses of Digital+ in this trimester would be of 23,000 subscribers. Although it does not seem it, this data is much smaller than the tendency than the losses of Digital+ were taken place during year 2004 where still disastrous effects of the fusion were computed lso and if the conclusion of the league considers and the beginning of the summer period, that is habitual causes of losses, the number so is not lifted as it can seem. The final numbers are:

Subscribers of Canal+ (30 June): 278.000

Subscribers of Canal+ (30 March): 394.000

Subscribers of Digital+ (30 June): 1.701.000

Subscribers of Digital+ (30 March): 1.776.000

Sogecable subscribers (30 June): 2.093.000

Sogecable subscribers (30 March): 2.053.000

Concerning the economic point of view the things seem to go well, being this first trimester for many aged that the green numbers arise as a result of the company. But it seems that although the footpath is correct, the benefits are cause of precise facts. Of the 9.9 million Euros of benefits great part of fault has its new Imagenio competitor, who has been the one who has unbalanced the balance contributing an amount unknown to the 87 million Euros of the concept “Other income” by the emission rights of the league of soccer in his platform of TV.

(Unsat, 29-07-05)

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