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The TV local in risk before the distribution of licenses
The panorama of the local television in Spain runs the risk of changing drastically due to the distribution of licenses that are carrying out some autonomic governments to favor to compatible groups and the technological change

A total of 2,130 channels of local scope operates at the moment in Spain, according to data of the Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Commerce, and of them, a considerable majority fight by their survival in a context in which, besides the necessity to confront the technological advances, it appears the supposed collusion of the regional government of turn with powerful communications groups.

It is what it happens now in Madrid and the Balearics and is what happened not long ago in Galicia, still with Manuel Fraga like president in functions of the Xunta.

The Government of Madrid, the PP, granted licenses for new the 40 terrestrial digital television channels to, among others, Digital Freedom TV, 7 Unedisa Telecommunications LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY, Channel and Kiss Digital TV, whereas the one of the Balearics, also of the PP, did the own thing with Channel 4, Channel 37, Popular Television of Majorca, Falcó Produccions or Brotae, among others much

These awardings have provoked the protest of the main associations of local televisions of Madrid and the Balearics inasmuch as they consider that they favor “friendly groups” of the respective autonomic presidents, Hope Aguirre and Jaume Mata.

The president of the Association of Local Televisions of Madrid, Francisco Perez, assured that the autonomic governments distribute the codfish in the televising phantom to weave the compatible means network that helps them to survive.

For this reason, the local televisions request the creation of independent audio-visual authorities with the purpose of to define the scene and to foment pluralism and in this, it also pointed the president of Tele K, a chain of the Madrilenian district of Vallecas, those city councils that bet to count on the television or those ocal groups that decide to mount a chain play a fundamental role.

This is the situation that denucia president of the Xarxa of local televisions of the Majorca, the most important in Balearics, Miguel I trimmed off lower branches of, for whom the insular Government has granted to licenses Ana company (Brotae) whose chief of a main directorate is the old head of Cabinet of Bushes or to another one - Falcó Produccions-, a mounted caciquil structure around the president of the PP in the Balearics - Pere Rotger- that beneficiary in the distribution was very from licenses.

And in Galicia, previous president, Manuel Fraga, televising licenses to the CLOSE-WOVEN PART OF A FISHING NET and the group granted few days after losing the elections Voice, which, according to Martinez, harms the local televisions since they obstruct frequencies that well could be taken advantage of by Galician partnerships.

Next to the enterprise concentration with political reminiscences, the local televisions also have to do against the technological evolution. The Government hardly approved weeks ago the National Technical Plan of the Terrestrial Digital Television (TDT), which establishes the requirements so that the television channels emit in digital format in 2010.

Nevertheless, and although this format will allow to arrive at more people and to obtain a plural product.

A review by the map of the local televisions in Spain, more of thousands, shows a many-colored repertoire of channels that depend on the city councils, of channels that powerful groups of communication control (Localia, of the Group Haste, or Popular TV, of CLOSE-WOVEN PART OF A FISHING NET) or small local retailers or, even, of channels whose programming exclusively occupies services of tarot or sale of gymnastics apparatuses.

The independent community with greater number of channels of local scope is Adalucía, that counts on 128, followed of Valencian Community (77), Madrid (69), Catalonia (around 65), Castile and Leon (42) and Galicia (32).

While, Navarre (3), Murcia (6), La Rioja (7) and Cantabria (8) are those that less channels have, always the information of the agendas of communication of each region.

The vice-president of the main association of local televisions of Andalusia (ACUTEL), and one of most outstanding of Spain, Jose Brown Luis, concluded, however, who the main one threatens form the friendly groups of the autonomic Governments.


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