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Guiñoles of Canal+ turns 10 years

It was in 1995 when 19 latex personages burst in into the programming of Canal+ with the intention to take a reading of the ironic present time and with humor. 10 years later already són more than the 130 parodiados personages

The news of guiñol release season and it does with three new dolls: the one of the minister of Justice, Juan Fernando Lopez Aguilar; the one of the singer Drinks and the one of the Spanish pilot of Formula 1 Fernando Alonso.

In addition, the program presents/displays like main newness the collaboration of illustrators and writers like Forges, Maitena, Pretty Elvira, Juan Jose Miles or the director of Thursday, Jose Luis Martin. Its assignment consists of contributing its histories and their emblems so that the equipment of adapts them to the program and personages interpret them to the latex. This new section receives the explicit name of Guiñol of author.

Finally, and like finishing touch of the anniversary, the space puts into the hands of the hearing the election of favorite his guiñol, that will occur to know in the 19 a special edition September.


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