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    Denmark will privatize its public television before the 30 of June

    The sale mechanism started up October the past, when it abría to a period of supplies for the purchase among a 51% and a 66% of the actions of the state television TV 2

    In the Scandinavian nations, the television was born like a state monopoly for which they did not lack doctrinal arguments. At first era was not discussed if to the use of the radioelectric phantom or nonproperty of the State. Nevertheless, from 1980, that monopoly is being replaced by private structures and mixed formulas of crossing of determined active strategists.

    The pioneering decision of the Danish Government to replace the previous public and regulated monopoly of TV 2 by the private company woke up great a priori interest and was welcomed with estusiasmo in all the Nordic countries. Although the general elections (advanced eight months) delayed the process of sale of the being, the Executive finishes informing of which in order to make well his duties it wants to grant the time that it is necessary to the study of the proposals to choose the best partner.

    The sale mechanism started up 28 of October the past, when it abría to a period of supplies for the purchase among 51 and a 66% of the actions of the mentioned state television. First of December the period of bids up and, according to affirmed Jesper Hermansen, of the Danish Ministry of Culture, in this month of March was closed we finished to the second round. The last third party and will take place before the 30 of June.

    He is hearing leader

    The analysts of the prestigious economic metropolitan newspaper “Börsen” dedicate whole pages to inform on the value of the actions of TV 2. That television, that was born the 30 from May of 1986 after the decision of the Parliament to also create competition to the state Dr, is leader of hearing with its spaces of the news. The conclusion of the daily mentioned one is that a 66% of the actions of TV 2 have a value of 1,765, 5 million Danish crowns (about 240 million Euros).

    Recently, Danske Markets, independent consultant who mediates in the business, kept awake the identity of some of “the more interesting” actors than they have risen the purchase train. Some of them will materialize the socioeconomic project described like beauty parade.

    A project on the other hand that will revolutionize radical totally and the map of audio-visual means of the north of Europe. Between the interested ones there are two Swedish: TV4 and MTG. In addition, first it bids up to together with the group of average Berlingske Danish.

    (DiarioSur, 03-03-05)

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