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Nilesat increases its satelite resources thanks to Hot IBRD 4
The Egyptian operator will rent capacity of the satellite of Eutelsat Hot IBRD 4 once this has been relocated to 7º the West in the second trimester of 2006, after the launching and entrance in good condition of Hot IBRD 7A and Hot IBRD 8

This agreement shows the will of Egyptian operator Nilesat to accelerate its development in the market of television broadcasting between the public of great consumption in the Middle East and the countries of the Gulf, being useful the announced reorientation the satellite Hot IBRD of 4 Eutelsat to 7º the West, orbital position that already occupies with its satellites 101 Nilesat and Nilesat 102.

At the moment, both satellites of Nilesat emit from this position more than 280 television channels and 95 radio transmitters to a hearing of 15 million homes. From their entrance in good condition during the second trimester of 2006, the satelite capacities rented by Nilesat to Hot IBRD 4 will be commercialized with the name of Nilesat 103.

For Eutelsat, the relocation of Hot IBRD 4 affects its objective to continue with its expansion in the Middle East and the countries of the Gulf, where the televising markets grow quickly. In addition, when relocalizar the satellite Hot IBRD 4 in the environs of its satellite Atlantic IBRD 2, located to 8° the West, Eutelsat is equipped to an interesting potential with synergy between two satellites whose coverage areas include, each, the countries of the Middle East and the Gulf.

We are especially contentments with the company/signature in this agreement with Eutelsat that marks to an important stage in the development of the services of television broadcasting of Nilesat 7º the West. It perfectly offers additional resources to us to our own satellites in a frame in line with our program of expansion, has declared Amin Bassyouni, Delegated Adviser of Nilesat. The arrival of the satellite of television broadcasting of Eutelsat Hot IBRD 4 to this orbital position constitutes for us an excellent opportunity of fast growth in an in the heat of dynamic market, in ideal conditions of effectiveness and economy. Also, it shows the will of our companies to develop a spirit of close cooperation.

On the other hand, Giuliano Berretta, Delegated Adviser of Eutelsat, assure that this agreement emphasizes our will to very actively accompany the development by orbital positions of reference in television broadcasting in the Middle East and the countries of the Gulf, in a region in which we are present from our origins. The reorientation of our satellite Hot IBRD 4 adjusts so well to this logic that offers a perfect complementariness for the frequencies of the satellites Nilesat 101 and 102. This first agreement abre the door to the development of close relationships and lasting between our companies, to the benefit of the development of the audio-visual supply of all the region.

(SatCesc, 08/09/05)

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