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Mediapro designs the new Parliamentary Channel of the Congress

The Catalan producer is preparing the new emissions of the Parliamentary Channel of the Congress of the Deputies marking itself like objective that the access to this channel has a public with a generalist profile

Mediapro, through its Mediatec branch, is the producer to which month of May was adjudged to him the past, by public contest, the management of the Technical Service of Television of the Congress of the Deputies - name with which the institutional signal of the Parliamentary Channel is well-known. This service belonged to the Foundation University of Alcala from 1993. Mediapro is only in charge of the management of this signal: the material belongs to the House of Representatives.

The three projects that Mediapro has already designed and are to lack only of the final approval are the following: on the one hand, the emission of an infantile program in which the Spanish Constitution to the children is explained. The objective is to give with a didactic and reasonable tone smaller them and to approach the Magna Carta the young people.

Secondly, they are wanted to elaborate daily summaries of the sessions of the Congress. People in charge of Mediapro will realize several formats that gathers the parliaments of the Honourable member, in pieces whose extension will oscillate both between and the thirty minutes, according to is necessary.

Finally, the producer glides to incorporate an Agenda of the day. This one will be emitted in a format in which all the acts take shelter of the House of Representatives. Like tenth, these projects are in phase of study: Mediapro has already them delineated but they are pending of approval.

At the moment, the people in charge to supervise the Parliamentary Channel in the Congress of the Deputies not yet have knowledge of this plan. It is necessary to say, in addition, that one works with the glance put in the new licenses of Terrestrial Digital Television (TDT) that the government has adjudged to the TVE. One of those channels will relay this programming to all Spain.

The Confidential Digitalis has tried to put itself in contact with an official spokesman of the Mediapro producer to know the state present the project. At the time of closing this edition, not yet answer had been received.

Parliamentary channel emits in open through Hispasat satellite (30º the West).

(the Confidential one, 12-09-05)

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