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Eutelsat renews agreement with Chinese TV weighs Beijing pressure

Reporters without Fronteras (RDF) praise the renovation of the contract between the French operator of Eutelsat satellites and the Chinese television channel NTDTV, with soothes in the United States, in spite of the pressures of the Chinese Government

The international campaign in support to NTDTV (New Tang Dinasty TV) has not been in vain. This station has the merit to offer the alternative news to the Chinese and its disappearance would have been an authentic loss for the freedom of press, according to an official notice of the organization.

The agreement between Eutelsat, one of the operators of more important satellites of the world, and NTDTV, that reachs million Chinese viewers, was the past signed 1 of September after months of negotiations.

The new contract allows the channel to emit freely in Asia during next the six years of technically satisfactory form and to a reasonable cost ", the press organization explained.

Also, she returned to request to the Chinese television stations and radio that use the satellite Eutelsat W5 to emit without the censorship of the Chinese Government ".

NTDTV, founded on 2001, had secured world-wide reputation by their suitable and objective cover of political, economic and cultural figures in Chinese, which took to the communist Government to ask to Eutelsat that ended its emission immediately, according to the Federation the International of Periodistas (FIP).

NTDTV (New Tang Dinasty TV) can attract in open through satellite Eutelsat Hot IBRD (13º This) in the frequencies 11.585-V GHz and 11.725-V GHz (MR. 27500, FEC 3/4).


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