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ABC will offer its programming of prioritizes Time in Spanish

The American television network has predicted to offer in Spanish all their programming of rush hour as of this season like recognition to the increasing Hispanic population in the United States

The unique program that could be seen so much in English as in Spanish was George Lopez.

We wanted to happen to wet the end to us of the foot to jump totally (to that market), said the director of entertainment of the chain in an official notice. Mita of 41 million of Hispanic in this country almost watches the television in Spanish, and we want to attract that hearing ABC.

By means of the use of subtitles and dubbing, ABC will be the first chain of great importance in the United States in offering its programming of rush hour in both languages. The other important chains show few programs in Spanish. In an interview Thursday, McPherson said that the measurement was not cheap. It did not specify the cost of doing it, but it said that the potential gains would be enormous.

If you observe the performance of the chains in Spanish in many of the great markets of television they are doing, it very well. In some markets they are surpassing the great programmers, said.

The Hispanics are the minority of greater growth in the United States and represent seventh of the population, according to a recent census. Desperate Housewives, Lost, George Lopez and Freddie will be doubled to the Spanish. Beginning to cásting for the voice in Spanish has already occurred. The rest of the programs will be with subtitles.

(AP, 14-09-05)

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