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The TVE will send new dedicated channel documentary

Docu.TVE is a new channel of Radio Spanish Televisión (RTVE) with a noticeable cultural accent that will replace a the Hispavisión channel thinking about the future implantation of the TDT

Every day, the new chain will release a documentary one of a different subject, in the schedule of maximum hearing, which means that it will every day emit unpublished material of the year.

On the other hand, the implantation of the new channel is being reaffirmed in America, confirming itself, in this way, the landmark of to have penetrated in the Canadian market, the most restricted by the hard legislation of this country. Also it is distributed in Spain in codified way.

More ago than ten years, the channel Hispavisión, first Spanish thematic channel by satellite was born, also produced by the Public Being with the intention to be distributed for all America. Now, this channel has fulfilled a cycle and initiates a new stage, thinking, simultaneously, in the new possibilities of its future emission in the TDT in open. For this reason, it has released a new visual identity, that includes new a logo and name, Docu.TVE.

The programming of this one structure in the schedule of maximum hearing in seven subjects, one by every day of the week, so that it can include all those aspects more demanded by the hearing of this type of channels, like the present time, trips, Science and Technology, art and culture, Nature and Ecology, society and History.

These hour strips, of two hours of duration each, will be emitted in a multi-broadcasting system, in such a way that the viewers have the opportunity to see each of them more seven times in different schedules so that these choose that one that is to them more suitable. In addition, always there is a different subject to see in a while concrete.

(ND, 15-09-05)

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