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RTVE anticipates a deficit of 801.7 million Euros in 2006

This supposes an increase of 10.57% with respect to the present budgets of 2005 without counting the subsidy of the State while a reduction of income is expected next to the 10%

Of the total sum of losses, 571 million Euros correspond to the balance of income and expenses. The first draft anticipates operative income of 732.8 million Euros (excluded the direct subsidy from the State, that does not need in the first draft), which supposes a reduction of 9.69% on this year, while the expenses grow a 2.80% and reach 1,304, 5 million Euros.

The rest of the deficit of the group is completed essentially with 230 million Euros of financial cost (a 14% less than the past year) derived from the interests of the accumulated debt by the public being since the beginning of the Nineties, and that at the moment go up to around the 7,500 million Euros.

The expenses of personnel grow a 4.51%, until being placed in 497,5 million Euros. With respect to Spanish Television, it is possible to emphasize a forecast of cost of 356.2 million Euros in supplyings, with an increase of 9.15% on this year.

(Agencies, 17-09-05)

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