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Eutelsat prepares exit to Stock market

The president of Eutelsat, Giuliano Berretta, prepares the partial exit to Stock market of the company with optimism on the evolution of his numbers, cradles in the forecasts of entrance by concepts like the high resolution TV and the lines of Internet of high speed

In one interview that publishes the economic newspaper Them Echos, Berretta confirms that already it has presented/displayed before the Authority of the Financial Markets (French stock-exchange control unit) the authorization request so that Eutelsat can quote in stock-market of Paris before 2005 finish.

That partial cession of titles to the market will be combined with an operation of extension of capital, destined both to improve the financial structure of the group and to reduce its indebtedness.

At the end of August American operator Intelsat announced the purchase of her PanAmSat rival Holding company by 3,200 million dollars, and so she will become the greater commercial company of services of satellite in the world, although will have to sell some assets.

In this respect, Eutelsat could be interested in some acquisitions although it is difficult to know who will sell, when and to what price, has declared Berretta.

The president of the European operator thinks that the television of high resolution and the service of high speed in Internet are going to contribute to the growth of the sector in the next years, which could take to the company “to reflect” about his expansion in the United States.

The manager emphasizes that Eutelsat has been the unique operator between the great ones who has surpassed the last years of crisis of the sector well, until the point of which from June of 2002 our annual growth half has been of 4.4%. For next year we anticipate that it is of the two and in 2007 of 4%.

(Agencies, 21-09-05)

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