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Expenses of the neighbor communities to receive the new emissions of TDT

Each proprietor community will have to spend a minimum of thousand Euros in adapting its collective television antenna to the new emissions of TDT that will begin this same autumn in Spain

This adaptation will be inescapable, since in April of 2010 the analogical blackout will take place and by then all the facilities will have to be adapted to the new technology, according to explained Miguel Angel Garci'a Arg5uelles, manager of the Federation of Installers of Telecomunicaciones (FENITEL).

In this cost, that stops a community of 20 neighbors would be of 50 Euros by proprietor, it is not including the digital tuner who must connect itself to the present televisions to be able to see the new signals, safe in the cases of the new receivers of high range, that take already it built-in. The prices of these apparatuses have been lowering and go up to around the 80 Euros now.

According to estimations of FENITEL, the cost of 1,000 Euros by proprietor community one talks about to the management of the new DS in the head of the installation, so that they can be tuned more than 20 new channels in TDT that the Government is going to distribute within weeks between the different operators. In addition, the installer must guarantee that the users of the new technology can take advantage of in their individual takings the interactive services and added value that offers the new TDT.

(Agencies, 28-09-05)

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