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Telecinco will send two new channels for the TDT
Telecinco Sports will most of dedicate its programming to those sports that, in spite of being Olympic in the majority of the cases, almost do not have cover in the sport programming of the generalist televisions

Telecinco will send before end of the month of November two digital channels, one completely dedicated to the sport and another one to the fiction, under the names of Telecinco Sport and Telecinco Stars, respectively. The third digital channel of the chain will follow, like until now, emitting the conventional programming. Telecinco tries to be therefore the first group in starting up the 100% of its supply of Terrestrial Digital Television (TDT), to drive the implantation of this technology in Spain.

Telecinco Stars will be dedicated exclusively to the fiction and tries abrir a window on the Spanish audio-visual industry, according to has declared an executive of the chain. Because according to him, we understand that to support and to foment the Spanish cinema it is possible to be done of another way, not only losing money. Series, preopenings and making off will be the ingredients of the new digital channel.

The launching of the digital channels faces many challenges. Most important it is the little penetration of the TDT in the Spanish homes (arrives to little more than 1%) and the deficiency of hearing data, a very important tool for the programmers of any television.

Therefore, Telecinco will make a great sounding through its generalist chain, with which it will ask the viewers who express their preferences and, mainly, the sports that more throw in lack in television and the series and films that they would more like to see again in the small screen.

(SatCesc, 29-09-05)

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