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The great equipment monopolizes to every year half of soccer in TV

Soccer Club Barcelona and Atlético of Madrid the televising sets were the previous exercise, with a total of 15 appearances in the small screen in Spain

The complaints of the Getafe have not been gratuitous and tonight, finally, it makes debut in TV, after passing in target his debut in First Division. The Madrilenian equipment put the shout in the sky by the received treatment the season last in television, where it only appeared once, and like visitor, in Channel +, and it has formalized this week an agreement with Telemadrid so that the autonomic Madrilenian makes merit her rights before the Forta. Seen the data of campaign 2004/2005, many other equipment could follow the passages of the modest set azulón, every time other four clubs (Majorca, Saragossa, Rácing of Santander and Numancia) either did not appear during all the Liga in broadcasting some of the autonomic chains, and one of them, the Numancia, nor so at least had its minute of codified glory in, where it did not appear Levante either.

The chains, that after the cession of rights to Audio-visual Sport in 1998, no longer have the obligation to relay at least an encounter by season from all the fields of First Division, pay attention mainly to “great” the joint calls of our soccer at the time of choosing their transmissions.

Thus, Barcelona and Atlético of Madrid were the previous exercise the televising sets, with a total of 15 appearances in the small screen (the Catalans did eight times in Forta and seven in the Extra, whereas in the Madrilenian case of the era the other way around, with eight appearances in the pay channel). After these they appeared in the ranking

Real Madrid and Deportivo of Corunna, with 14 presences (the targets arrived at all the national territory in eight occasions, whereas the Gallegos had identical number of appearances in the Extra).


It is necessary to consider that the unique requirement that it must accept the Forta at the time of choosing weekly party is the one of which of Real Madrid, Athletic of Madrid and Barcelona they only can give a maximum of eight parties in the season, and five of them from its respective stages, whereas of the rest can offer to ten, half like hosts. Whereas this last condition did not fulfill much, the autonomic ones yes worried first, as it demonstrates that of Barcelona and Real Madrid the eight prescribed encounter and of the Athletic one occurred, seven. On the contrary, the cameras of Forta did not step on six stages, the five of the equipment that appeared neither like visitors the more the one of Osasuna, and those of Canal Plus they were not in seven (Levante and Numancia, that did not leave either like visitors, the more Real Society, Osasuna, Malaga, Majorca and Getafe).

(the Reason, 01-10-05)

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