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30% of the Spanish homes will have pay television in 2008

This percentage will represent 4.9 million subscribers, of which 2.5 million will be it by satellite, according to a study made by the Red.es organization, associated to the Ministry of Industry

According to this report, published in the magazine of the Academy of the Television, the Spanish numbers will be accredited to the European for that date, since until now, according to the authors, a resistance has consolidated to surpass the ceiling of the 20% of the homes in Spain.

That future scene, affirms the study, will be characterized by the appearance of new agents and the incorporation of new services, like the video under demand. In addition, in this proportion a perspective in relation to the TV of payment by cable is included, of which it is assumed that it will maintain 40% of which they contract this service through the Network.

The potential of clients for the television by ADSL determines to 1,25 million homes, maintaining the proportion of 21% of the users of this broadband. About the projection in satellite, the authors have assumed the own forecasts of business made public by Sogecable.

In this way, the study states the prevalence in the dominion of the satellite platform, and the advance of the incipient television in ADSL. In the case of the cable, according to Red.es, its growth is limited by the territorial cover.

80% of homes with TDT in 2010

On the implantation of the terrestrial digital television, the authors affirm that he would be opportune for the quick assimilation of the technology, that was not in the market a price decoder superior to 80 Euros. In any case, they foretell 40,500 receivers at the beginning of next year, that would reach their maximum of 15 million in 2012.

The authors of the study augur that in 2010, date anticipated for the analogical blackout, she could be reached, in an optimistic vision, a penetration of homes around 80 or 90%.

(EP, 03-10-05)