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New frequency of Cubavisión the International in Hispasat
The international version of the Cuban channel begins to emit in abierto by the Hispasat satellite (30º the West) in the frequency 12.092-V MHz (MR. 27500, FEC 3/4) with a daily programming of 24 hours

The Cuban channel follows in the frequency 11.972-V MHz (MR. 27500, FEC 3/4) of the same satellite accessible but it hopes that in to next it leaves it dates. It is for that reason that now has begun to emit by this new frequency being used the services for uplink of GlobeCast operator.

In its continuous expansion by Europe, Cubavisión the International also accessible in is abierto in the following satellites with vision in Spain. These are:

Astra1 satellite (19,2º This), frequency 11.509-V MHz (MR. 22000, FEC 5/6).

Hispasat satellite (30º the West), frequency 11.972-V MHz (MR. 27500, FEC 3/4).

Hispasat satellite (30º the West), frequency 12.092-V MHz (MR. 27500, FEC 3/4).

What offers Cubavisión the International?

A television channel that is born in Havana (capital of Cuba), with a programming of 24 hours the 7 days of the week. The channel offers a selection of the best Cuban programs. Their contents, according to their people in charge, reflect the task in the island. Culture, geography, tradition and the present time appear in the design of programming especially conceived to respond to the tastes of an ample range of spectators.

Cubavisión the International will be able to attract in Asia before finishing the year

The channel, present or in Latin America and Europe with more than 12.6 million subscribers in 163 different countries, has predicted to send itself in countries of the Asian market like China, with which or there is a protocol of advanced work, according to the Cuban government

There is a protocol of work advanced with China, country where we want to promote Cuba as tourist destiny according to the president of the Cuban Institute of Radio and Televisión (ICRT), Ernesto Lopez Domínguez.

Cubavisión the International is the last incorporation of Exclusive Dial Astra, an ample set of more than 140 gratuitous channels of digital television by satellite that receive at present by Digital+ near 1.27 million Spanish homes.

One is Cuban an informative and cultural channel that emits 24 hours and that are managed by the Cuban Institute of Radio and Television, with programming centered in the life of the island and cover their culture, tourism, folklore, nature, music and dance, infantile science, documentary and informative programs, Literature and.

The channel, that began its emissions in March of 2003, extended in its initial stage by Latin America where it counts already on near 2 million subscribers, the Caribbean and North America, where Miami has direct coupled receiving.

At the moment, one is expanding his signal in Europe where, according to Lopez Domínguez, it has had very good welcome and is received by countries like Spain, France, Holland, Germany and Luxembourg. In addition, Cubavisión the International is received in more than 42,000 rooms of hotel that has Cuba.

Interested in the daily programming of Cubavisión the International they can go to the official Web of the channel


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