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A 84% of the immigrants watch in Spain

A 84.7% of the resident foreigners in Spain watch on a daily basis, which less supposes almost five points with respect to 89.3% of Spaniards that feels habitually in front of the small screen

According to data facilitated by Average Schedule, the penetration of the use of Internet is similar, with a 18.9% between the Spaniards by a 17.8% in the group of foreigners.

With respect to means television, the immigrants coming from East Europe are teleadictos, with a 89.1%, followed of Latin American (86.6%) and the African (83,1). If embargo, the original foreigners of the rest of the EU are reduced to a 77.4% who watch.

In return, this last group shows a high degree of consumption of Internet, concretely 39% is connected to the Network, percentage that in the case of the Latin Americans is almost like the one of the Spaniards, with a 18.3%.

As far as the Radio, against 57.2% of Spanish listeners, the average between foreigners is placed in a 47.5%, with percentage that oscillate between 37.7% of the African and the 51.3 of the Latin Americans. Especially, this collective listening radiofórmulas musical.

(EP, 05-10-05)

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