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The British television generates the greater number of international formats

In the account leader of the United Kingdom the programs produced for the British market by international companies are included, like Average Fremantle and the European giant of Endemol formats

According to infoma Geca, according to a study published by the Association of British Distributers of Television, the United Kingdom is the country that produces and distributes more formats of television, including the United States, considered the greater power in the audio-visual field.

In 2003, the United Kingdom was responsible for a 45 percent of the global business of formats. In comparison, EE.UU obtained a more modest percentage noticeably (20 percent), and was followed of Holland (15), Argentina (7), France (5), Spain (3) and Australia (2), as and Television at the time kept awake the study developed by Producers for Alliance Cinema (PACT).

In the account leader of the United Kingdom the programs produced for the British market by international companies, like Average Fremantle - property of Bertelsmann- and the European giant of Endemol formats are included - of the Telephone Spanish operator.

“We included programs created for the market of the United Kingdom that soon were exported, even if they are of foreign property”, clarified a PACT spokesman. Altogether, the United Kingdom created 12 of the 30 main formats (for hours) exported of the 57 analyzed channels of 10 great markets. Programs of BBC Worldwide, Average Granada, FremantleMedia, Endemol UK and Watchman are between those of greater diffusion. “The results are very encouraging”, affirmed to Louise Pedersen, chief of a main directorate of All3 the Average International and preside over the Group of Intellectual Rights of PACT.

Decisive impact

For Pedersen, “the British formats have a decisive impact in the grids of “prioritizes Time” worldwide; and the producers of these formats have demonstrated that they constitute a sustainable and dynamic business”. But concerning the sales of finished programs (of exclusively national production), EE.UU leads with amplitude the market with a 71 percent of quota. In distant a second position one is in this section of the United Kingdom, with a 10 percent of the international market of sales of programs.

(ABC, 05-10-05)

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