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Hunting and Fishing surpass the 80,000 subscribers
In the last five months, the integrated thematic channel as option in Digital+ has added near 5,000 new clients, which supposes an average increase of 1,000 subscribers per month

They are already the 80,089 Spanish homes that enjoy the programming of Hunting and Fishing TV, the first thematic channel in Spain dedicated exclusively to the hunting, the fishing and the nature.

During this month of October Hunting and Fishing TV it celebrates the opening of a new season of hunting with the opening of the East space month we hunted that, from next the 6 of October, it offers the most interesting news articles on the world of the hunting.

The every first Thursday of the month, from the 19.00 hours, this space spends two hours of its programming to best the documentary ones of hunting. Monthly the subject varies, and to the case of the first delivery protagonism falls on the smaller hunting to the jump.

In Spain, Hunting and Fishing the past turned month of June two years in antenna. During this time it got to reach the number of the 70,000 subscribers, becoming one of the options with more subscribers between the dedicated ones to the sport and the likings.

Hunting and Fishing (dial 66 of Digital+) try to take care of desires of a group that counts with more than two million medical instructors in Spain. With a conservacionista and respectful approach with the environment, the channel, that has bet from its beginnings by the own production, and mainly by the Spanish contents, not only wants to please the enthusiastic ones but to generally show the public the true world of the hunting and the fishing that practices inside and outside Spain.

Hunting and Fishing €/mes is commercialized like independent channel of Digital+ to a 78 price of 4 '.


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