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The cable Digital+, Canal+ and operators have the best films

And in addition they are those that have one more a more suitable programming for the children, according to a study of Average Schedule to know the opinion and perception that have the Spanish on the television networks

This report also it is come off that TVE1 has the best news and is the most serious and trustworthy chain.

While, Telecinco emphasizes like funniest and the one than better presenters it has; in addition 34% to see a survey it like most modern, and generally is considered it like more independent than the rest. The image of Antenna 3 is very even to the one of Telecinco, but it emphasizes like which it innovates as far as his programming and she is the one more that better series of national production it emits.

According to the results of the study corresponding to 2005, in the negative part, one concludes that TVE1 is perceived like the politicized chain more and nearest the Government. In the case of Telecinco one considers the chain that more publicity has and the one that emits longer blocks.

With respect to Antenna 3 is considered it the most politicized after TVE-1 and, like Telecinco, emphasizes in that she is the one that more films and scenes of sex and violence it emits.

The study observes, with respect to the autonomic chains, that are adapted for all type of people, with one more a programming more apt for the children, and also they are considered like serious and trustworthy. The 2 emphasize by their sport programming, while the cable Digital+, Channel and operators agree in which they have the best films and are adapted for the children.

As far as general positioning, the image that it perceives the public locates to the TVE in the institutional part, the 2 and the Autonomic ones are fitted in minority the intellectual scope/, whereas the payment chains are in the most modern part, and 3 Antenna and Telecinco is most commercial.

Tastes and publicity

In comparison with previous studies of image, Average Schedule concludes significant changes with respect to the classification of chains that like more. Thus, the incorporation of Digital+ and Cable have made that are placed thirdly, in first and respectively, reason why Telecinco has happened to second place. TVE-1 is the one that has descended more, followed of Canal+. The 2 maintain their line and Autonomic and Antenna 3 increases their valuation.

The perception of the amount of publicity that is emitted in television has also varied. In 2003 Antenna 3 it was the chain that more publicity emitted according to the public, data who is descendio this year, until the point of which Telecinco happens to first place, while low in the case of the TVE 1, and the other chains do not give the “impression” to emit as much publicity.

Average Schedule emphasizes that the opinion of the public is confirmed with the data, since according to the average of minutes of publicity measured between January and August of this year, Antenna 3 is the one that more minutes of publicity it emits of average, with 250, followed of Telecinco, with 243, and thirdly it is the TVE 1 with 201.

(Agencies, 06-10-05)

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