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The pay television will grow an average of the 17% until 2009

Leisure, the Spanish mass media industry and entertainment will reach, until 2009, a half annual growth of 5.7%, according to a study on the forecasts of this sector presented/displayed by the PricewaterhouseCoopers consultant

In Spain, it emphasizes the advance of the pay television, with a perspective of half annual growth of 17.3%, until surpassing the 3,200 million Euros. The number of subscribed homes will grow an average of 11.9%. As far as the conventional television, the growth will be placed in 5.9%, including the Terrestrial Digital Television. Also it emphasizes advance of the cinematographic market, a 10.6% of average until 2009. The unique industry that will register a reduction will be the record one, -5% of average, due to the continuous fall of the traditional sale and to the musical piracy.

To world-wide level, the growth until 2009 of the market of mass media and leisure will be placed in 7.3% of average, according to the consultant. It emphasizes the advance of Internet with a 16.9%.


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