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Chanel 4, a public channel without own production

Unlike the BBC, one finances with the advertizing income of the announcements that it emits and with the sponsorships of programs, although comes protesting to be able to receive part of the televising canon del that benefits exclusively the BBC

Chanel 4 was created at the end of the Eighties like a public channel especially destined to new hearings and young public.

Also unlike this one it does not have own production, with the purpose of to have a minimum group and to foment the British audio-visual industry. Its direction is named by the Ofcom, the regulating organism of the communication in the United Kingdom, in agreement with the Ministry of Culture.

It is probably the most innovating channel of the British television, with imaginative reality shows and programs that sometimes are scandalous. It emits Great Brother” and between his recent landmarks it was the direct emission in of a autopsy realized in public by the controverted German anatomist Bon Hagen. Account in addition with other two digital channels, E4 and 4+.

(ABC, 07-10-05)

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