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Abertis Telecom adjudges the autonomic channels of Extremadura

In first stage of unfolding superior to 97% of the frontier population will be obtained to a cover in analogical television also contemplating to the services of distribution and diffusion of of the terrestrial digital television

The Frontier Public Society of Television, S.A.U and the Frontier Public Society of Broadcasting, S.A.U have adjudged to Abertis Telecom contracts for the benefit of the audio-visual services of their autonomic channels of radio and television.

These contracts contemplate to the services of distribution and diffusion of the signals of analogical television, terrestrial digital television (TDT) and radio FM.

The company announces that it will serve these through his infrastructure network. In one first stage it will include more than 50 centers of analogical television, 8 centers of TDT and 20 centers for the service of radio FM.

By means of this first stage of unfolding assures that it will obtain that the television and autonomic radio of Extremadura reach a cover superior to 97% of the frontier population in analogical television, a cover superior to 98% in Radio FM and superior to the 81 percent in TDT.

This group counts with more than 3,000 locations for the diffusion and distribution of radio signals and television, analogical as as much digital. It renders, in addition, the amplest catalog of services of movable radio communications for security bodies and emergencias and services of telecommunications for telephony operators. Form leaves from the corporation deprived in Spain in the infrastructure management of transport and Abertis communications.


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