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    Sahar 1 stops its emissions in Hot IBRD

    Eutelsat has cumpido the order issued by the CSA, the Council Superior of the Audio-visual French, that I accuse the Iranian chain to spread programs of anti-semitic content and incitement to racial hatred

    The Council Superior of the Audio-visual one is an independent administrative authority created by the law and that guarantees the exercise of the freedom of audio-visual communication in France.

    According to the CSA, the public chain Iranian Sahar he spread programs that affect the dignity of the person and which they represent a risk for the public order reprovable by the law. Concretely, the chain spread programs of anti-semitic content.

    The cease of the emissions through satellite Hot IBRD takes place following the same pasaos of already also disappeared Manar. Sahar 1 emitted through satellite Hot IBRD (13º This) in the frequency 12.437-H GHz.


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