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The European production in TV increases a 20% in the last decade
Thus it assures an expert who indicates the growth of the European production in the last decade originating itself a clear reduction of the American production in prioritizes Time of the European channels

To thus it indicates the professor it of the University of Navarre Mercedes Medina, that finishes publishing the book European televising Production. Pluralism and concentration, published in English.

In the work, the director of the department of Informativa Company analyzes, among others aspects, the production of the programs for prioritizes Time of the main channels deprived public and, and the existing relations of property between the producers and the televisions. The study allows to identify some tendencies of the European programming in the last years and contributes a reflection on the definition of independent producer, the advantages of vertical integration and the function of the channels public like promoters of the European production, aims.

In this sense, professor Mercedes Medina indicates that the presence of independent producers in still prioritizes Time is not elevated, although its tendency is increasing: The channels public produce their contents most of. Nevertheless, the behavior of the private channels is different. Generally, they contract more independent production and this must to that its experience in production is smaller.

To survive integrated in groups multimedia

The expert of the University of Navarre talks about, also, to the importance of which the televising production is originated by a greater number of producers with the purpose of to favor a pluralism in danger by the concentration of the property in the sector: In the last years the producing majors have been allied with television companies to fortify their position in the market. Therefore, the independence concept, as it understands the European Directive to it, has been threatened. In order to resolve this situation, professor Mercedes Medina proposes that the producers are integrated in groups multimedia to externally survive in the market and to be competitive. It would be necessary to fortify his enterprise structure and to guarantee his independence by means of the financial support of the channels, the permanence of his programs in antenna, although they have not reached the average hearing, and the participation in the property of the rights of works and its later operation, concludes.


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