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The TVE the International will include educative spaces for Latin America
Spanish television will include educative spaces in its programming for Latin America through its international channel, according to agreement signed between RTVE and the Association of Televisión Latin American Educativa (ATEI)

The agreement, that renews another agreement of 1992, tries to impel the collaboration in the matter of Television, Radio and Internet, of educative and cultural character through joint operations.

In this act, the chief of a main directorate of RTVE, Carmen Caffarel, has indicated that this agreement supposes some changes with respect to first that signed in year 92, and is that contemplates to the possibility of emission of educative programs for Latin America by the TVE the International, but mainly, in the radio, through REE; as well as the presence of the IORTV (Official Institute of Broadcast television) in formation aspects.

Carmen Caffarel is addition that is to use all the tools that the Group in the vocation has to combine the programming of a common language, and to maintain the public line on watch with educative contents and spreading of the culture beyond the borders.

On the other hand, the president of ATEI, Safe Mariano, hopes with this initiative to enter a new stage of collaboration, to arrive better at America and to make a good work of diffusion of everything what is the programming of the Latin American Educative Television.

One hour daily

By this agreement, it will be emitted, through the TVE the International, a programming integrated with televising contents of educative and cultural character directed to the viewers of Ibero-America, with a duration of 60 minutes daily, of Monday through Friday, which supposes 5 hours weekly.

In addition, both organizations commit to the co-production and promotion of diverse televising and wireless spaces in the field of the education and culture.

This agreement also contemplates to develop, in successive Annexes, the incorporation of wireless contents of RNE, and services of remote formation in collaboration with the IORTV. The period of use of the present protocol is for the year 2005, deferrable one for five years successive.

ATEI is the organism of management of the Latin American Educative Television, Program of Cooperation of Latin American Summits of Government and Chiefs of State from 1992, ratified and supported by the participant countries of Latin America, Spain and Portugal.

The ATEI comes offering a programming from educative and cultural television via satellite for America (through the DS of the TVE) and Europe of 4 hours daily of average, of Monday through Friday, to more than 200 educative and cultural institutions of Ibero-America.


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