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The Academy of the TV drills the 50 years of means in Spain
The Academy of Sciences and the Arts of Television qualify in its Web a survey to compile the personal memories more common on means century of life of the TV in Spain, that are fulfilled in 2006

According to it informs the ATV, the interested ones in participating in the survey will be able aporatra his suggestions in a total of ten categories. At the moment, in the one of Syntonies they appear those of “Eurovisión” or “Bonanza”; in the one of Catchphrases “How are you? ”, in the denominated Zoological Park they appear “Calimero” or “Yogi”; and in the one of Personages “Don Cicuta” or “Lucas Grijander”.

In the category of Impacts, they appear the arrival of the man to the moon or the murder of Kennedy. In National Products they are “, two three,…” or “gold Ring”; and in Foreigners “I, Claudius” or “Roots”. In Signallers, they appear Joaquin Prat or Jesus Hermida, in Interpreters Alpaca Rabal or Ana Bethlehem, and in the Expensive denominated one hides To pound Miró or Valerio Lazarov.

Those that wants to contribute their opinion must go to


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