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The BBC asks that the annual canon rises to 265 Euros by home
The BBC wants that the tax that the citizens by the license of a television set pay annually increases a 2.3% over the rate of inflation with the purpose of to be able to improve its programming

If the Government accepts this proposal, the canon will increase to 3.14 pounds (about 4.55 Euros) every year until 2013, according to the plans of the BBC.

The chain negotiates the canon for period 2007/2013, since the present one expires in April of 2007, and considers that the money is necessary to improve the digital services and the programming.

The annual tariff in force is placed in 126,50 pounds (about 183 Euros), and guarantees the economic autonomy of the British chain when not depending on the governmental budget.

We know that those that pay find that the canon is a problem in the costs of the homes. But, on the other hand, we know that they are in favor of the support of the BBC to the new digital services, emphasized the chief of a main directorate Mark Thompson.

Our hearing, clearly, waits for much of the BBC. It supports an incredible change by the form in which it wants to accede to our programs and services, added.

The BBC needs to become to assure that we facilitated the best content, accessible and valued by all in the United Kingdom. The canon will help us to reach our vision of being the best creative digital emitter of the world.

One calculates that the BBC needs about 5,500 million pounds (about 7,975 million Euros) to finance those objectives, although the payment of the canon represents only one small part of that number.

The BBC will contribute with 3,900 million pounds (about 5,655 million Euros) of the total (a 70%), financed partly by cuts of jobs.

The collection of the canon generates to the British corporation about 2,949 million to him pounds (about 4,276 million Euros) to the year.

The British annual inflation is placed in 2.8%, and the BBC at the moment acquires a canon that increases 1.5% to the year over the inflation.

Thompson and the president of the BBC, Michael Clay, will defend these arguments before the Committee of Connection of the British Parliament, but the Government will decide on the level of the canon the next year.

The British minister of Culture, Tessa Jowell, already has indicated that the collection of the canon is not perfect, but is the most sensible form to finance the BBC.


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