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The TVE relaunches its Channel 24 Hours
Spanish television relaunches its thematic channel of continuous information, the Channel 24 Hours, with six specialized programs of 15 minutes and the renovation of its heads, syntonies and scenery

The contents already in antenna stay, as well as the information to hourly o'clock, but these programs with the intention are added to look for a younger public.

The director of the channel, Juancho Vidal, has explained who the spaces will be emitted daily under the generic title of “Zoom lens”. “Zoom lens tendencies” will be dedicated in fashion, the design and the life styles, “Fast Zoom lens” will be oriented to the sports in action, the adventure and the motor, “” will try on Internet and new technologies, “Zoom lens Openings” will concentrate in the cinema new features and “Zoom lens MGP” will focus in the musical openings. Vidal trusted that next he will send “to Zoom lens Sports” to complete the supply.

In the presentation of the new features the news director was present of the TVE, Fran Llorente, that made balance of the operation of the services of the news of the house. In his opinion, the TVE television news are “those that have more credibility and in which they have grown the valuation of the public more”, according to it said, as they affirm internal information of the public chain.

Factors in the hearings

About the hearings, it commented that at the moment “rank of titling to a fall occurs of tenth”, that, explained, is subject to “many factors and not to that television newscasts are better or worse”. In this sense, it said that to include international or cultural information immediately it brings about fall of hearings --fields that indeed the TVE news have harnessed-- and other factors “of drag”, as in the case of the week ends, where “times one obtains to a 25 percent of “share” and other times 17. It depends on Alonso or of the Simpsons”, it added.

In addition, it praised the quality of the news of the competition, within a commercial scheme. “We in minute 20 are in international, and the competition already has put a news article with camera hides and magacín of videojuegos --it commented--. In any case, it is spoken of tenth, when the survey of Sofres has a means and allowable error of a point”.

For the conductor of the second edition of Television news, Lorenzo Milá, the informative question is another one: “We are the unique ones that we are in Pakistan, Guatemala and Liberia. The question is, to have more hearing, the competitors are better”. In his opinion, the TVE “does what must do”. “We have been in the shipyards, with the crisis of the immigrants in Ceuta and Melilla, we informed on the Catalan Statute, and in addition, the cover that we did on the death of the Pope is not the one that the Government would have done”.

Channel 24 Hours emits in codified through the satellites Astra1 (19,2º This) and Hispasat (30º the West) comprising of the supply of Digital+. Also it emits in open through Eutelsat Hot IBRD (13º This) in the frequency 11.785-H MHz (MR. 27500, FEC 3/4).


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