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Telephone account already with 100,000 connections to TV Imagenio
Telephone of Spain it reaches the number of 100,000 connections to his television Imagenio of the four million addresses in which the service of 48 channels of video is available and 15 of audio

The service has been present in 140 Spanish cities, including the province capitals, the populations of more than one hundred thousand inhabitants and many others of smaller number, and began less than for a year in Madrid and Barcelona to extend soon to all the territory.

From last May, Telephone of Spain it is unfolding technology ADSL2+ in the power stations where it is necessary to offer the service with optimal quality and to arrive at the greater number of homes.

Imagenio offers 48 TV channels and 15 of audio, besides a service of video under demand that allows the client to have a videoclub in house and to contract when it wishes films of a catalog of more than 400 titles, besides more than thousand hours of series, documentary, concerts, videos and the news.

From August, Imagenio is commercialized with a new decoder that allows to visualize the Terrestrial Digital television channels (TDT).


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