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The publicity in television raises more rejection
A 74% of the population affirm that the television is the mass media where more annoying are the advertizing spots, according to concludes an analysis of the attitude of the citizens on the publicity in different means

However, the report realized by Initiative, puts of relief that the television continues occupying the first place between the means in which major is lent to him attention to the publicity, with a 46.9%.

The percentage by ricochet to the publicity in television varies following factors like sex, the age, the social class or the region. For example, to size, that the age of the population is more outpost, the percentage of which considers the publicity uncomfortable increases (of a 61% for the individuals from 20 to 24 to a 80% for those among 55 and 64 years). Murcia is the community that consider more annoying it with a 87% and the Canary Islands the one that less with a 47%. In the rest of means, the data distinguishing rather more are reduced. The radio is the average second in that they bother the announcements more (7.1%), followed of Internet (4,9%) the cinema (4.7%), the magazines (2.2%) and newspapers (1.8%). The average second in which more attention to the publicity is lent they are the magazines (13%) followed of newspapers (11%) and the radio (10%).

Another analyzed aspect of the study is the integration of the contents with the announcements. In this aspect the newspapers and the radio are the means in which better both things with a 25% and 24% arrange respectively; and cinema (5%) and Internet (3%) those that less.


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