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The European partnership Arianespace has sent 226 satellites in its history
The European partnership Arianespace adds this number after sending from the French Guayana the military satellite French Syracuse 3A and the American of telecommunications Galaxy 15

The Syracuse 3A is first of the satellites sent like part in the space agreement Syracuse 3 signed by Fracia, Italy, and the United Kingdom, and that will be complemented with the British system Skynet 5 and the transalpine Sicral.

The launching of the Syracuse 3A, the fourth European rocket in which it goes of year, has been delayed in several occasions from 2004 by anomalies in the electronic elements, reason why their putting into orbit today, to 18,32 local time, (24,32 peninsular hour), has been considered everything a success by its Gallic manufacturers, the company of Alcatel telecommunications.

Tool for the French Army

The Syracuse belongs to a new generation of satellites that will allow the French Armed Forces “to benefit from the last technological advances”, indicated the president of the branch of the space of Alcatel, Pascale Sourisse.

The new satellite is loose of any other commercial use, belonging exclusively to the French troopses - to difference of its predecessors, who were shared with the operator of telecommunications France Telecom-.

Thanks to the new satellite, the Gallic Army will be able to fill an emptiness in its monitoring from the space that it tried to cover, and that at present leaves in the open regions like Afghanistan.

With a weight of 3.7 tons, the apparatus includes three satellites and whose considered value ascends to the 2,700 million Euros, including the earth equipment.

The Syracuse 3A will begin to be operative within about 15 days, when he is remote-control from the Earth to his defitiva orbit. Its life utility is calculated in 12 years and, as of 2006, its work will be completed by the Syracuse 3B.

American high tech

Less exceptional it is the satellite Galaxy 15, property of American operator PanAmSat, two tons of weight.

Once located in its orbit, the satellite will serve during 15 years for the diffusion of programs as digital video, television of high resolution and services of video to the letter in the United States.

With these two satellites, the European partnership Arianespace adds 226 satellites putting into orbit in its history. The one of today was the flight number 23 of the Ariane-5 rocket and, before year ends, other two takeoffs are predicted.


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