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Planet prepares a new plan of business in Antenna 3
The objective of the televising chain in which Planet owns a 35% of the capital is to improve the good results of the generalist transmitter and of doing against the increase of the competition in the sector with two new analog channels

The new plan will include the maintenance of a “good management” to resist the new distribution of the advertizing cake. President of the Group Planeta, Jose Manuel Lara, confirmed that Planet wants to follow increased progressively its participation shareholder in Antenna 3, until arriving in winch 40%, as anticipated initially the publishing group.

Lara explained in Barcelona, in an encounter with journalists on the occasion of the presentation of the Prize Planet, that Antenna 3 has fulfilled in two years the objectives that previous its cuatrianual strategic plan, reason why “we have to present/display a new plan and they are waiting for it to the analysts”.

The president of the Catalan publishing group reduced importance to the slope of the quote in Stock market of the actions of Antenna 3 he attributed and it to that the market discounts that the increase of operators in the televising sector will repel in the hearings and, therefore, in the distribution of the advertizing investment.

“The hearing will lower something”, recognized Lara, that very augured “a different” luck for Four, the abierto channel in of Canal+, and for the new analog channel that must adjudge to the Government the next month. In any case, it noticed, that first harmed by the increase of the competition “they will be the public televisions”.

With respect to the new analog channel, whose term of presentation of supplies finalizes tomorrow, it indicated that “it is not a easy project” and that the sprouting of a new competitor in these conditions does not have any successful precedent in Europe, remembering the failures of RTV Montecar it and the entrance of the television of Berlusconi in France, where already there were other private channels.

Easier, in his opinion, it has Four (the abierto channel in of Canal+), since its signal will travel without no “contingency” and will have a 100% of territorial cover.

On the contrary, new the analogical one, will not have the same cover, will have “to clean” some zones (in Barcelona, it said, the frequency agrees with Flaix TV, property of Vocento) and will need adjustments in the antennas to be seen. Lara said, however, that in case gains “the favorite candidacy”, with reference to the Group Z, that is an option integrated by “great professionals”.

In any case, it described as “sterile” entering a debate on the territorial origin of the group that is winning. In order to illustrate his position, it indicated that “it is a sterile debate to discuss if Antenna 3 is Catalan or” and did not add that “Planet is tremendously Catalan and Spanish”. “We must avoid or moderate this type of debates”.


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