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The mythical Galavisión happens to be called Channel of Stars
This action comprises of the strategy of expansion of Television Networks in the European continent with the endorsement that the Channel of Stars is one of most popular in Mexico and some countries of Latin America

From the 15 of October the channel of Television Networks with the name of Channel of Stars is relaunched, a signal of familiar entertainment produced by the Television group that is seen in 44 countries.

The Channel of Stars is one of most popular in Mexico and some countries of Latin America, besides being the main exporting television channel of the Mexican culture and cotidianidad.

Its grill of programming is conformed by spaces of comedy, the news, films, live soccer, bullfighting season, programs of variety and soap operas, with cover in Latin America, Asia Pacific, the United States and Europe.

Agreeing with their name change, the contents of the channel have improved and its programming has been redesigned for the European market. Their people in charge also have assured that the expectations of growth for the channel are “good” in Europe. Also he has predicted to send itself in Canada, at the beginning of next year.

The Channel of Stars, like already disappeared Galavisión, comprises of the supply of the Digital+ platform.

For oldest of the place and of understood in the matter, Galavisión was one of first, even the first channel via satellite that could be caught in Spain. It went at beginnings of the decade of years 90 when in Spain the television via satellite as soon as it had taken his first steps.


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