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Five producers and Television present/display the Sixth the TV contest
All of them create the Audio-visual Means Group of Production, that will appear to the contest for the concession of one fourth license of analogical private television in Spain

A 60% of the capital of the new society are distributed between the five producers Group Tree, Mediapro and, to a lesser extent, the Terrat, Drive (Jose Manuel Lorenzo), and Bainet (Kar them Arguiñano). 40% rest are into the hands of Television. If Sixth it obtains the awarding of the license, could add other new partners.

In the conversations for the conformation of this supply the Group has participated until the last moment Z, but finally it retired of the negotiation because it did not agree “with the shareholder expositions in the new society that is going away to present/display to the contest”.

The term of presentation of supplies finishes east Sunday, 16 of October.


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