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They ask that the administration contributes economic and politically the TDT
FORTA, RTVE, Telecinco, Antenna 3, Sogecable, Net TV, I see TV, and Abertis Telecom signs an agreement by which pro TDT is constituted the Association, for the impulse of the terrestrial digital television

The main televisions expressed their desire of which all the administrations are sensible to the needs of the change process towards the Terrestrial Digital Television (TDT) and contribute policy and economically so that the initiatives that we present/display are a success. All of them have made initial a contribution joint of 480,000 Euros, to which new games will be added.

The chief of a main directorate of RTVE, Carmen Caffarel, in the name of all the chains, aimed that the encounter has in addition a “high symbolic value”, since demonstrates the “will of a sector in strong competition”, as he is the audio-visual one, for “working together” for the objective common to secure a fast and effective migration of all the citizens towards the Digital Television. In this sense she remembered that next the 30 of November are the date in which the relaunching of the digital channels of the signatory chains in the east will take place act.

As well, she aimed that the today encounter is the first step firmly of all the operators of television for the launching and the consolidation of the TDT and said that all the chains consider that this change of technology is going to contribute doubtless advantages and is going to locate to the television in the same level of digitalization that already have reached other goods of the consumption electronics.

Function of the association

The function of this Association, that will denominate Association Pro TDT, said Caffarel, will be the one to work of joint and determined form with all the Administrations and all the implied sectors “so that the process of transition towards the TDT culminates successfully.

The Association Pro TDT will plan the necessary actions for the total development of the TDT in Spain, so that the conditions are fulfilled that make the cease possible of emissions of television with analogical technology.

In addition it will obtain from the Public Administrations the initiatives, resources and financing necessary to assure the fulfillment the digitalization strategy, by means of the subscription of the corresponding agreements and will propose the mechanisms of coordination and beginning of joint operations with the sector.

Also it will successfully obtain and centralize all the information necessary to identify the necessary activities of technical and commercial order for the effective impulse of the implantation and the total development of the TDT and will issue information and statistics about the transition process.

The Association Pro TDT will sign in the next days an agreement with the ministry of Industry, Tourism and Commerce, by means of which and following the examples English and Italian, the Administration will contribute the economic and technical resources that make the implantation possible of the TDT in Spain.

The terrestrial digital technology is predicted that it works to total yield in 2010 with the denominated analogical blackout.


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