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Direct to home, first digital platform of the Ukraine
Eutelsat announces that Poverkhnost Satellite Communications has selected its W4 satellite to offer support to the transmission of a new platform of TV of payment in the Ukraine and countries of the environs

The cover includes Moldova, Belarus and other countries of the missing Soviet Union. Located to 36º This, the satellite W4 de Eutelsat is optimized to offer a great capacity in East Europe, which allows that the antennas of 60 centimeters of diameter can receive the digital television channels directly.

Located in Kiev, Poverkhnost Satellite Communications is a branch of the company of Poverkhnost television specialized in the broadcasting of sport events like Liga de Campeones of the UEFA, league NHL, the World-wide Championship of Handball and the Grand Slam of tennis. Poverkhnost Satellite Communications sends to its new east platform month of October and will begin offering three new sport channels: “Planet - SPORT Ukraine”, “Sport 1” and “AC Milan Chanel”.

The launching of our own platform of payment TV has been marking a landmark in the expansion of Poverkhnost since for 15 years we began to serve of broadcasting, assures Victor Samoylenko, chief of a main directorate of Poverkhnost. We are excited with our entrance in the TV of payment and by to have obtained capacity in the satellite W4 de Eutelsat, which provides a quality seal to us and the power that we needed, besides the possibility of increasing our supply of programs.

Eutelsat is enchanted with its expansion in the Ukraine and it is glad of which our W4 satellite satisfies the requirements of Poverkhnost, a company that throughout its many sport years of experience in the benefit of direct satelite links of the news and events, already counts on an excellent experience in satelite transmission, affirms Giuliano Berretta, chief of a main directorate and advisory delegate of Eutelsat.

This new contract of services of TV of payment in East Europe still more consolidates our position in a region with which there are been it jeopardize during many years and to which we can offer a resource in flexible orbit with excellent covers, as much for the services of broadcasting like broadband.


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