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Antenna 3 acquires the rights in open of Champions League
The private channel becomes the unique operator of the market of the television in Spain that will free of charge emit the match of clubs of more prestigious soccer of the world until the 2009

By means of this agreement, Antenna 3 is exclusively guaranteed the emission and in direct of the best party of the day of Tuesday, since the chain has made sure the preferred right election. In addition, it will have the emission rights of the end of the UEFA Champions League, besides the summaries of the days that are disputed in Wednesday.

In the official notice, the chain remembers that “Antenna 3 marked a televising landmark in Spain during the 2002 the being first private operator who emitted in our country a World-wide one of Soccer. Equally, it has been the unique private channel that has free offered encounter disputed by the National Selection and, now, the chain returns to make history when becoming the first abierto commercial television in that acquires the rights of the UEFA Champions League”.

The Delegated Adviser of the chain, Maurizio Carlotti, indicated after the announcement that, with the acquisition of the rights of the UEFA Champions League, “Antenna 3 complements and impels a supply of programming marked by solidity and competitiveness in the strips of greater televising consumption. We have the best cinema and the informative leaders in hearing and credibility, as well as the series of animation and the contests more appreciated by the spectators. Now we have also best soccer”, affirmed.

In addition, it indicated that with Liga de Campeones the chain fortifies its hour band of greater strategic weight of the televising business, that is to say, the schedule of maximum hearing, “completing a televising project directed to the families, “target” in which the chain is leader”, concluded Carlotti.


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