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    CanalSatellite will send in Canal+ autumn in Alta Definición (HDTV)

    The 1 of October will start up Canal+ HiTecht using norm MPEG-4. The tests of this new French channel will be visible as of June

    Thus Joseph Geguan has announced it, attached chief of a main directorate of the group Canal+ France.

    Once put in march the high resolution version of this channel, the project anticipates that the different multiplexados channels from Canal+ suffer the same fate in HDTV. In particular it is predicted that during the first semester of 2006 already they emit under this norm MPEG-4 the package of five thematic channels, adding itself Sport, Cinéma, Nature and Découverte.

    This image in high resolution will go accompanied by the sound Digital Dolby 5,1 with a format of 16/9 video.


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