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Sogecable registers benefits of 5.7 million Euros
The company obtained in the first nine months of 2005 a net benefit of 5.7 million Euros, number that contrasts with the losses of 106.2 million Euros of the same period of 2004

The invoicing of the company reached the 1,091 million Euros, between January and September of 2005, amount that was placed in the 1,024 in the same period of the last year, according to the information sent by the company to the National Commission of the Market of Valores (CNMV).

The net result of operation (EBIT) reached the 101.2 million Euros, whereas the gross result of operation (EBITDA) was of 273.6 million Euros.

In September of 2004 the EBIT was of 3.9 million Euros, whereas the EBITDA was placed in the 215 million Euros. During the third trimester of 2005, the most remarkable aspects related to the activity of Sogecable were the development of activities necessary to make possible the beginning of the emissions of Four, next the 7 of November, and the growth base of clients of Digital+, with the “net incorporation” of more than 78,000 subscribers.

As well, during the third trimester of 2005, the advertizing income of Sogecable reached the 10.1 million Euros, in comparison with the 9.8 million Euros registered in the same period of 2004.

30 of September of 2005, the advertizing income represent a 4.6% of the net number of businesses of Sogecable. Finally, to that date (30 of September), the net banking debt ready by Sogecable ascended to 1,010 million Euros, against the 1,037, 3 million Euros to 30 of June of 2005.


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