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The autonomic TV of Asturias anticipates to send to the air its signal next the 7 of January
Of this form the technicians will be able to verify which is its percentage of cover on the territory and to realize the pertinent adjustments, before the regular beginning of the emissions in April of 2006

They are, in main lines, the terms that handle the people in charge of the Public Being of Communication at the time of calculating the beginning of the project, which they were advanced yesterday in the commission of control of the Meeting by the person in charge of his Advice of Administration, Jesus Landeira. Exalcalde of Buckets, to the thread of certain mix-ups with IU in the organ that presides, kept awake that two information of the Asturian Institute of Administración Pública Adolfo Posada (IAAP) advised against the inclusion of tests in Asturian in the selection of the personnel when being a language nonofficial.

Thus the things, the signal would become the first physical examination of the beginning of the activity of the television, in the hope that three or four months later it was possible to be attended the emission of contents. Landeira, that appeared at the request of the PP, alluded to that term of time like a necessity so that the technicians can certify what zones of Asturias enter within the cover and which no, and to be able to adopt the pertinent solutions. It would be, therefore, a previous period of tests in the beginning of the real activity of the Asturian being of communication.

Dates to the margin, Landeira realized one ignited defense of the applied criteria in the processes of selection of the group, against the doubts seeded by the popular spokesman, Fernando Goñi. This it was sent directly to the shocks registered in the Council of Administration between the representatives of PSOE and IU at the expense of the noninclusion of tests in Asturian, a question in which the exedil was categorical.

Two information of the IAAP, needed, advised against such procedure when being a language nonofficial, something that would abriría the door “to possible oppositions” that would colapsarían the process. The selection of the personnel is carrying out “with light and stenographers”, thought the president of the advice, who explained that the beginning of the formative process, once finished the examinations, would take place in December.

The valuations of Landeira did not seem to convince in excess to Goñi. The popular deputy asserted that the autonomic TV will almost spend the double of the anticipated thing for the 2006, around 30 million Euros, and augured that the beginning of the emissions will only be possible by means of the external hiring of personnel. On the part of IU, Camafeita Morning call he marked to a line of division with the Socialists when criticizing the breach of some criteria determined by the Government, as the use of the Asturian one. “There are important questions that they are not becoming of clear form”, argued, indicating that the selection is being developed “precipitadamente”.


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