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The RTVE unions approve a calendar of mobilizations
The delegates of RTVE personnel decide a calendar of mobilizations that includes a manifestation in defense of the Public Radio and Television for day of 17 December and possible unemployment of 24 hours for day 22 of that month

The RTVE workers began in Prado of the King their mobilizations in protest by the management that comes carrying out the chief of a main directorate from the Public Being, Carmen Caffarel, especially concerning the possible closing of territorial centers and to the externalisation of determined TVE programs.

Concluded the assembly, he came himself to decide a calendar of activities. According to Juan Manuel explained Noble Rodriguez, president of the General Committee of Multi-plant, in the assembly has been decided unanimously to celebrate a manifestation next day 17 in defense of the Radio public Television.

Also he has been approved, this time by majority and not unanimously, that if the situation is not corrected, will request the resignation of the chief of a main directorate and unemployment of 24 hours for the 22 of December, the day of the broadcasting of the drawing of the National Lottery will be summoned.

In this climate, the State Society of Participaciones Industriales (SEPI) of the State, to title of RTVE, has predicted to summon this Monday to the chief of a main directorate of RTVE and the unions for “informing” on the state of the public chain.

(Agencies, 14-10-05)

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