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The TV by satellite, nexus with the emigration
The autonomic televisions, mainly in the communities that have a defendant personality, take advantage of the satellites Astra and Hispasat, along with Internet, to arrive at their people

Joan Roses, ordered of the international programming of TVC, explains that one of the objectives is to do that the Catalans that are outside they feel as if they were here and they can follow what happens in its earth, and try to follow the programming of TV3, whenever they allow it to the rights. Something similar indicates the people in charge of the international channels of South Channel, Euskal Telebista and Radio Galega Television. The four receive a common complaint: the nonemission of the soccers match, but we only have the right to emit them outside Andalusia, assures Angel Fernandez, of South Channel, whose asseveration agrees with the rest of channels.

Also the signal reachs from these chains the rest of Spain through Digital+, which allows the displaced ones to be a little more close, mainly to which few days travel and they are that from the television of the hotel they can see his channel.

All try to make a programming generalist, nevertheless consider very the social paper that carry out. Nogueira victory, of Galega Television, and Joan Rosés agrees in the paper that this means represent so that the children of emigrants (the second or third generation of exiled emigrants or) maintain contact with their origins. These Gallegos thank for the union bond that TVG offers with the language of their parents or grandparents to them. This one is a vindication of our immigrants, who request infantile progamación to us so that the children learn and practice Gallego. Something similar happens in Catalonia, where they demand infantile programming to them, so that they are become accustomed the Catalan and they are not contaminated with the language that speaks in the country in which they reside.

Different case is the one of the television Andalusian, who by the use of the Castilian language serves as model the Andalusians who live it go and to that interests the Spanish culture to them. It consists to us that several foreign universities use our programs like didactic material, assures Angel Sanchez, who after emphasizing that also they see the foreigners us who have interest in the image which they have outside Spain, as he is the flamenco one, the song…, and adds like peculiar phenomenon the pursuit that the bullfights of bulls have in the south of France.

From the Basque Country, Felix Aturmendi both directs ETB programs destined to the emigration. It agrees with the people in charge of other centers in which the public that they have in Europe is in contact with the enemy with the Basque reality and what he looks for is to follow the day day than happens, whereas in America, without being an ethnic channel, we tried that the entertainment programs have a noticeable cultural sign, like explaining the offices that are lost and, mainly, is a great liking between the Basque colony by the Basque ball. In Latin America there are three million Basoues or of descendants who approach with interest our porgramación, although he surprises to them to receive messages of Peru or Colombia, where traditionally there is little Basque presence. From the Basque television it is not promoted that the encounter places connect with their programming, so that in the bars and restaurants goes away of txiquitos, to eat or to speak. In Catalonia and Galicia they promote that in casals or regional centers sintonice the autonomic television.


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