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Four hope to have benefits in 2007 with a 8% of “share”
Sogecable hopes that its new channel in abierto Four can have net result operative positive in 2007 counting on a hearing of the 5 or 6% for the rest of 2005, and from the 7 to 8% next year

The delegated adviser of the company, Ten of Polanco, has explained that the forecasts of advertizing income for next year oscillate between 150 and 180 million Euros, which comes to be equivalent to the forecast of programming cost. Nevertheless, the structural costs of operation of the chain could not be compensated until 2007 with income sufficient in addition to generate benefits.

The delegated adviser of Sogecable affirmed that in European countries as France or the United Kingdom already exists preceding enterprise of abierto television networks in that obtain yield with quotas of hearing of 8%.

Asked for the possibility that some competing chain finally resorts the authorization of emission in abierto to Sogecable, Ten of Polanco said that he would be “legitimate” but it expressed his doubts in that they have legal base to prosper, and assured that the modified license of Sogecable “is so legal” as those that have 3 Antenna or Telecinco.


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