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    The Great eternal Brother already prevails in German RTL2

    Five years after being released the first German edition of Great brother, their creators have initiated a new audio-visual adventure that unties not little controversy: the confinement of by life of 15 people, in a small constructed village to this end

    This jail has 25,000 meters square and is located in Ossendorf, near Colony.

    Although the idea can be preposterous, the sense of expectancy that was created before the opening was spectacular: the organization received 26,000 requests of participants. And after the first week of emission east interest has been corroborated: RTL-2, a small German chain that usually has a quota of 7% in the strip of age of 14 to 49 years (most interesting for the publicists), has tripled their hearing with this eternal GH when arriving at 19.7% of quota. The digital television Premiere also dedicates a special channel, that offers the 24 hours to the day of the show.

    Thus, and as it indicated the directive of 2 RTL Katia Hofem-Best, the program will last eternally, or while it has the support of the hearing.

    In the village, that was constructed in three months, the community of offerers has a place, houses, a church, sport zone of work, fields and a bar. But everywhere 100 cameras and 60 microphones are watched through. All the field will be isolated with a security system according to the strictest norms of the Alliance of North Atlantic (NATO), and about 300 employed guards and will take care of so that nobody tries to strain itself.

    The idea of the new GH that the participants take the possible most normal life, but is divided in three classes, rich, normal and poor, that they live separated and that it determines his works in the village. Thus, a luxury town, of 200 meters squared has been constructed, a system of twin houses of middle-class, 60 meters, and minihouses of only 30 meters squared of a single room (that, in addition, do not have current hot water and must use firewood to warm up the water and the furnace).

    Also there is a series of weekly tests offerers to maintain the interest to them. That yes, the prizes (that will add more of a million Euros to the year) occur on the basis of the social position that each represents. Thus, the creativity is awarded and the personal effort and foments the social ascent, with special contests and challenges.

    The unique critic has been of the Protective Federal Animal Association: it describes the village as a jail for animal disguised with straw, because it shelters two pigs, two cows, two goats and several hen


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