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Canal+ France turns upside down with cinema X
The private chain payment 27,000 € for the catalogued film diffusion X in the first Saturday of month, whereas her only 1,500 competitor TPS destines €

In France, the granted authorization to Canal+ in 1.985, to spread a film X per month, started up the diffusion of this type of contents through the television. Twenty years later, the Gallic platforms CanalSat, TPS, Noos and NCNuméricâble distribute in their channels programs of films X, whereas other chains specialized in different options like XXL, Private Gold, PlayboyTV and Spice Platinum exist, without forgetting the pay channels by vision (Kiosque and Multivision).

With XXL, AB the Sat Productions has been able to catch more than 1.5 million subscribers in nine years, which represents one fourth leaves from the total number of subscribers of Canal+ France.

They are data that demonstrate to the good state of health and the enormous interest on the part of the hearing of the productions directed exclusively to the adult public although the cost accustoms more to being elevated than the conventional cinema. Thus, in France the CanalSat platform receives 6.99 Euros by a film X in its Kiosque option (PPV). TPS Multivision receives 4.99 Euros by all the films, except for which they emit exclusively that they have a cost of 6 Euros.

Spain following the French model

In Spain, the pioneering Digital Satelite channel (today Digital+) has followed the French model with identical success. Already from its birth, Canal+ Spain emitted all the Fridays a film X at daybreak, which supposed an authentic revolution in the Spanish television.

This programming still stays and even it has been extended to other days without forgetting the diffusion four Taquilla channels (PPV) with cinema for adult. Its cost is of 4.60 € by film.


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