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The national television of Hungary, on the brink of madness the closing
The National Television of Hungary (MTV) could close its doors for want of bottoms and the bankruptcy is on the brink of, according to the three unions of the chain

This situation would be product not only of the bad management, but also of the political corruption and the nepotism.

The unions of journalists and workers of the TV to magiar have requested aid to the Parliament and political personalities, so that they do all the possible one to save to the MTV of the bankruptcy.

One has arrived at this end by the bad management of the company in the last fifteen years and by the attitude of the left Government of center, that has not fulfilled the promise to increase the subsidy state, main source of financing. On the contrary, this has been diminished and instead of the 17,000 million florins (about 68 million Euros), anticipated for the 2005, it has assigned only 15,000 million to them.

Until recently, the financial problems not only did not trouble to their managers, on the contrary they were allowed to turn aside bottoms to pay to productions realized by companies of property of relatives or friendly of political personalities.


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