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Haste enters the televising market of Portugal
Haste acquires 33% of the Capital Average group, in an operation that is framed within the new strategy of the Spanish group to invest in the European market and to bet in the television in open

In a press conference with Country do Amaral, founder of Average Capital and now greater Portuguese shareholder of the group, and Manuel Polanco, person in charge of the investment quickly in Portugal, Juan Luis Cebrian explained that the Portuguese group “perfectly fitted itself within the new strategy quickly to extend its activity in the television in abierto and to invest in Europe, because is our natural market and because the investment in countries of weak currency is very penalized”.

The Average group Capital, the most diversified and complete of Portugal, is proprietor of the private television TVI, leader of hearings, and the main television producer, NBP, besides radios, vestibules of Internet and outer publicity.

It is indeed in the area of the television and the production where Cebrián made more emphasis: “The information of the TVI is going to gain much with Haste, and we will be able to learn of the audio-visual production”. The objective, said, is to be able “to unite synergies in the sector of the audio-visual production, with our Plural producer, and the Portuguese NBP and to try abrir new markets, like the Brazilian”, pointed the adviser delegated quickly.

Cebrián assured that in the short and mid term they do not have predicted to enter the written press, unique area in which Average Capital does not have interests, although did not discard the possibility that “if a good opportunity appears to study it”.

Cebrián, that this Wednesday will be in Paris next to Jesus de Polanco to enter the advice of administration of the newspaper “Le Monde”, where they finish reinforcing his participation until the 17%, affirmed that the objective quickly is to reinforce the leadership of Average Capital in Portugal, and made clear that in this operation there was no state influence.

“To be in the area of the communication we must to rules marked by the State and for that reason we have relations with the governments, but these nothing has had to do with the negotiations between two private companies that quote in stock market”. In addition, it aimed that “Haste is an independent group and without ideological content”, although recognized that “it has some means with a publishing line of direction of liberal left”.

The Group Haste today concluded the acquisition of Vertix, property of Country do Amaral and Nicholas Berggruen, that is the majority shareholder, with 33% of the vote rights, of the Capital Average group. This operation was carried out once the shareholders of Vertix exerted the sale option who had granted to Haste the past 21 of July. Within this agreement one second option exists so that within two years Country do Amaral will be able to sell to the Spanish group the rest of its actions, now it has a 10% and is the majority Portuguese shareholder.

In its intervention, Country do Amaral assured that the entrance of a new shareholder of reference had to the necessity to grow and that Haste “with its prestige and experience was the ideal partner to be able to grow and to explore new fields”.

(Daily Direct, 08-11-05)

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