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    3 antenna and Tele 5 resists to apply to the pact antitelebasura

    The chains smooth out the contents, but they maintain the spaces just controversial when the term expires so that the operators shape in their programming the code of self-regulation of contents in infantile schedule (of the 6,00 to the 22,00 hours)

    In this period, the agreement anticipates two superprotected strips (from 8,00 to 9,00 and from 17,00 to 20,00), in which it excludes programs nonrecommended for minors from 13 years.

    In these three months, the chain that more changes has realized has been the TVE. In Antenna 3 TV and Tele 5 assure that their contents have been dulcificado and that already they are apt for minors of 13 years, an argument that refute the representatives of the Committee of Pursuit of this code. The reality is that neither one nor the other has suppressed the questioned programs more.

    TV-3, that also has been added to the pact, does not have programs sweepings and Channel +, although the codified contents are not including in the agreement, accompanies all spaces with signals on the moral classification.

    Spanish television

    Nothing else to sign the agreement, the 9 of December, sources of the state chain assured that its strip of behind schedule needed a redesign. To day of today, according to a spokesman of the chain, TVE-1 it makes a white supply between the 17,00 and 20,00 hours.

    Although in few occasions the chief of a main directorate of RTVE, Carmen Caffarel, did not talk about to the little suitability of the program This is life for the protected schedule, the certain thing is that the cause of its disappearance in TVE-1 was the low hearing.

    The supply of the 2, of 17,00 to 20,00 hours, with the Lunnis and Padres in hardships already is conceived for the children.

    Tele 5

    A month ago, Alberto Carullo, director of antenna of Tele 5, assured that the programs of the chain already adjusted to the hour strip of emission. The opinion contradicts Alexander Pear trees, president of the Association of Users of Comunicación (AUC) and member of the mixed commission for the pursuit of the pact, for that the effort is insufficient.

    With reference to A your side (17.00), the space of Emma Garci'a, Pear trees explains that its greater problem is than offers fragments of other programs, like pink Sauce or Great brother VIP, who can hurt the sensitivity of the small ones. The own Emma Garci'a recognizes that it tries to control the tone of his fellow members.

    Antenna 3 TV

    All our programming in schedule of maximum protection is apt for all the public. That butcher antitelebasura was to a spokesman of A-3 the being asked on the adjustment the pact. Although in the AUC the efforts realized in the newspaper of Patricia are clear (19.00) to offer more appropriate contents, the association considers that the insertion of summaries of Adventure in Africa to 17,00 is not most suitable. They always leave to shine subjects that can be harmful with the minors, say.

    (EP, 09-03-05)

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