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TV3 considers not to emit soccers match Saturdays
People in charge of the Catalan autonomic television consider that TV3 maintains the leadership the days workable and suffers a great loss of hearing the week ends when does not play the equipment of the locality

Soccer. That one is the great person in charge of the loss of TV3 hearing, according to kept awake in the advice of administration of the Catalan Corporació of Ràdio i Televisió celebrated yesterday. His chief of a main directorate, Smart Joan, took care of the request that the past 28 of October realized the advisers to him of CiU so that it explained the fall of TV3 hearing and it made it accompanied of the director of this chain, Francesc Notary public. Both especially centered the problem in the weekend, where the lack of spectators separates to him from the leadership. It made specific more and it aimed that the soccer of Saturdays undergoes in all the transmitters of the Forta (organism that groups the autonomic televisions) a strong reduction of hearing when the equipment of the locality does not play. It aimed directly at the supplies of parties of payment by vision (ppv) that before were only realized Sundays, now, when extending to Saturday, causes a fall of hearing of more than ten points of share. For that reason Smart it raised the possibility of asking to the Forta that does not renew the contract for the emission of parties Saturdays given to its high economic cost and its little yield in hearing.

This report of the chief of a main directorate responds to the preoccupation that showed the advisers chosen by CiU in which they stated that from 1999 TV3 are lost two points of quota of screen and being leader in period 2000-2003, the past year was surpassed by Telecinco and in which it also goes of season by Antenna 3, to stay as third chain. This year, according to the information of CiU, the Telenotíciesvespre are lost the leadership the workable days. Regularly it gains in hearing Antenna to him 3 the News 2 and assure that from the 19 of September to the 4 of November in 30 occasions it has gained Antenna 3 and in five the Telenotícies.

In the report that presented/displayed Smart-Notary public takes shelter that the hearing of the workable days is very similar to the one of the past year and that in these days seeing in Catalonia was habitual to be the chain more. The problem is the week ends, where we lowered much, assured Smart. Notary public promised to harness the programming of these days in the next weeks, as well as the strip immediately previous to the Telenotícies vespre.

Also he stated Smart that after studying the causes of this reduction they stated that the televising consumption loss considerably in Catalonia as much the festive ones as the week ends. The fall represents five points of quota of screen and it must, on the one hand, to the people who enjoy one second residence, to the custom to leave the nights to some spectacle or, simply, to have dinner outside. As Smart example put the Vendelplà series, that habitually has a hearing of around 900,000 spectators and in the bridge of All the Saints, Monday only saw average million it people, while Tuesday returned to reclaim the average hearing.

, Finally, and only last Smart it considered that the studies of audiometry and the 340 apparatuses that perhaps register the televising consumption in Catalonia are distributed of a form that does not reflect the linguistic reality of the population. In any case, the chief of a main directorate of the Corporació assured that the problem that has TV3 is of the week ends and will take measures to correct it, but in no case of hearing.

(the Vanguard, 09-11-05)

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